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“Hands-On” Evening Training

February Meeting - Pete “Mr. Master Key” himself gave us  a overall picture of how and why of basic master keying. Then we spend the balance of the evening master keying Schalge IC core locks.

“Hands On” Educational Training at our regular monthly meeting night.

Below is a few photos of a special class we had this past summer. Our educator was Ken from “Peterson Tools”, he brought samples, tools and did a great job of showing us how each tool was used, then let us “Play” with these tools. They were also available for purchase at the end of the class. If you would like to visit his Website.  www.thinkpeterson.com

September 2013 Van show entries
Carl’s Lock Shop
Henley’s Key Service
Acoma Locksmith

3 point locking systems

by Barry Meyer, Acoma Locksmith

    The September 2013 on our regular meeting night we had a very good presentation on the 3 point locking systems. Barry spent approximately 1.5 hours on all the ins and out of these locks. He went into detail on the different makes and models as well as some of the issues that we as locksmith run into when making a service call.

     Some of the manufactures that were covered were; Strybuc Industries, Hoppe, etc...

     We had the opportunity to to touch and feel the product and play with the items he brought. This was a well needed education on the 3 point locking systems. It an area locksmithing where many of us do not see to often.

    He had a working display model in which he showed us how to change the handing as well as the operation of how to work the lock and how customers screw things up from their lack of knowledge.

    Thank you Barry it was truly educational experience.

September 2013 Meeting